Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies program is an innovative and dynamic undergraduate degree offered by the University of the Philippines. As the first of its kind in the university, this program has been specifically designed to cater to the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the rapidly evolving field of multimedia. With a fully online learning format, it aims to equip students with a comprehensive set of multimedia skills and competencies to meet the contemporary challenges in the digital world.

The program’s inception was driven by the recognition of the growing significance of information as a valuable resource and the need for individuals who can effectively manage and utilize it across various media platforms. With the global trend highlighting the immense value of multimedia in communication, entertainment, education, and marketing, this program serves as a response to the industry’s demand for versatile multimedia experts.

The Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies program sets its sights on producing graduates who possess not only technical expertise but also a deep understanding of the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of multimedia developments. Students explore the social implications of multimedia in today’s interconnected society, gaining insight into how their work impacts diverse communities and cultures.

Throughout the program, students acquire proficiency in hardware operation and software development, ensuring they have a solid foundation in the technological aspects of multimedia creation. They are encouraged to unleash their creativity and produce engaging multimedia knowledge products that demonstrate their artistic talents and technical skills.

Moreover, the program fosters a culture of research and development, empowering students to contribute to the ever-evolving world of multimedia. Graduates are equipped to be at the forefront of innovative projects and groundbreaking advancements in the field.

By immersing students in cutting-edge multimedia technologies and industry best practices, the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies program prepares graduates to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging trends, protocols, and procedures. This enables them to stay relevant and adaptable in a fast-paced digital landscape.