The Diploma in Computer Science addresses the need for advanced training of personnel in information systems. It targets corporate information officers, EDP personnel, programmers, software developers and teachers with minimal training in the field of computer science.

Developed in cooperation with the Institute of Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), UP Los Baños, the program aims to train individuals in the design, implementation, and maintenance of software systems that handle large amounts of data

Upon completion of the program, the student is expected to:

  • Acquire the necessary background in computer science in preparation for advanced studies;
  • Gain knowledge and skills in computer science as applied in their field of work; and
  • Develop and improve techniques in the practice of proper design and development of application software

Applicants must have:

  • a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in any field from any recognized institution;
  • proficiency in at least one programming language

Documentary Requirements:

  1.     Print copy of the accomplished online application form in the Online Application System .
  2.     Original and photocopy of valid Transcript of Records (TOR) from all schools attended. The TOR should bear the school dry seal and imprint, and the Registrar’s signature in ink, and with acceptable remarks (please see here). 
  3.   Two (2) letters of recommendation from any of your: a) employer/supervisor; b) former professor; or c) former program adviser [please use UPOU Form 1a]
  4.   Proof of Payment of Application fee  (non-refundable) amounting to PHP 500.00 for applicants based in the Philippines, and USD 100.00 for offshore-based applicants. 
  5.   Two identical 2” x 2” photos and two identical 1” x 1” photos, with your name and the program applied for printed at the back of the photos 
  6.   500-word essay explaining why you are applying for admission to the curricular program you have indicated and to the UP Open University. 
  7.   Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate 
  8.     Photocopy of government-issued IDS with photo 
  9. Additional Requirements for Foreign Applicants:                         
    1. Five (5) copies of the Student’s Personal History Statement (PHS) duly signed by him, both in English, and his national alphabet accompanied by his personal seal, if any, and containing, among others, his left and right thumbprints and a 2×2 inch photograph on plain white background taken not more than six months prior to submission.
    2. A notarized affidavit of support including bank statements or notarized notice of grant for institutional scholars to cover expenses for the student’s accommodation and subsistence, as well as school dues and other incidental expenses;
    3. Scholastic Records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the student applicant’s country of origin or legal residence;
    4. Photocopy of data page of the student’s passport showing date and place of birth, and birth certificate or its equivalent duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post.


As posted in the Office of the University Registrar Website

Check the academic calendar to make sure you do not miss the deadline for submission of applications. For other important information related to registration, please browse through our Office of the University Registrar website.

Updated 2019 Curriculum

The DCS Curriculum has been restructured to include 24 units of core courses and 3 units of elective courses, totaling to 27 units which can be completed in four semesters. Further information regarding the program may be found in the DCS Program Handbook which can be accessed through this link:

Core Courses

CMSC 201 1S  Discrete Structures in Computer Science (3 units)

Logical structures, sets, combinatorial structures, graphs, formal systems 

 CMSC 202 1S Principles of Programming (3units)

Algorithm representation, implementation, using a high-level language, systematic program development using top-down design, and program verification

CMSC 203 2S Computer Systems and Organization (3 units)

Internal organization of a computer, how this organization is used to represent data, execute programs and communicate to the outside world; assembly language programming; and basic operating system concepts

CMSC 204 2S Data Structures and Algorithms (3 units)

Abstract data types, their implementations and use in algorithm design

CMSC 205 1S Data Communications and Networking (3 units)
Principles of data communications and computer networks (Prerequisite: CMSC 203 or consent of instructor)

CMSC 206 1S Database Management Systems (3 units)

Design and implementation of database management systems; relational database and query optimization; and future trends in database designs (Prerequisite: CMSC 204 or consent of instructor)

CMSC 207 2S Web Programming and Development

Developing applications using web-based technologies. (Prerequisite: CMSC 202 or consent of instructor)

CMSC 208 2S Software Engineering (3 units)

Principles and methods of designing, implementing, validating and maintaining software systems (Prerequisite: CMSC 202 and CMSC 204 or consent of instructor)

Elective Courses* (Select One)

CMSCS 209 2S Management Information Systems (3 units)

Fundamental concepts of planning, development and information processing implementation of MIS. (Prerequisite: consent of instructor)

CMSC 210 1S Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3 units)

Principles, techniques, applications, and trends in artificial intelligence. (Prerequisite: CMSC 204 or consent of instructor)

*Elective courses will be offered upon availability of lecturers

Two-Year Plan of Study


First Semester, First Year


CMSC 201

CMSC 202




Second Semester, First Year


CMSC 203

CMSC 204




First Semester, Second Year


CMSC 205

CMSC 206

*CMSC 210 (elective)





Second Semester, Second Year


CMSC 207

CMSC 208

*CMSC 209 (elective)





Total Units 



Program Chair

  1. Mari Anjeli L. Crisanto (Assistant Professor)

Faculty Members

  • Dr. Ria H. Borromeo (Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Myra C. Almodiel (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Roberto B. Figueroa Jr. (Assistant Professor)
  • Joyce Mae A. Manalo (Assistant Professor)
  • Reinald Adrian dL. Pugoy.(Assistant Professor)
  • Cecille Moldez (Assistant Professor)
  • Al Francis D. Librero (Assistant Professor, On Study Leave)
  • Gulshan Vasson (Senior Lecturer)
  • Thomas Laurent (Senior Lecturer)
  • Dr. Vladimir Y. Mariano (Senior Lecturer)
  •  Rosangela Anne Salaya (Lecturer)