COURSE TITLE: Law and Multimedia

UNITS: 3 units


COURSE DESCRIPTION: The role of law in multimedia


This course will enhance your knowledge of multimedia and your understanding of the role that the law plays in its creation, use, exploitation, distribution and publication. By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the current trends and issues brought about by the advent of the Internet;
  • Define multimedia and understand its pervasive relevance in contemporary society;
  • Discuss/explain/enumerate/describe the responsibilities of the creators, users, developers and publishers, over the different elements constituting a multimedia work;
  • Understand the rudiments of the different intellectual property laws and identify lawfully protected rights over multimedia works;
  • Discuss and explain copyright protection and its important role in multimedia;
  • Analyze case studies with a conscious awareness of the legal and ethical obligations towards others, vis-à-vis multimedia works; and
  • Gain familiarity with the issues concerning internet governance, open source and peer-created content, domain names and cybercrime.


  • I. Introduction to Multimedia & the Internet
    • History of the Internet
    • The Net’s Underlying Principles
      • TCP/IP protocols and how they work
      • Packet Switching
      • Distributed Nature/End-to-end Principle
  • II. The Problem of Regulating Acts on the Internet
    • Inherent non-regulability because of distributed nature
      • Problem of Jurisdiction
      • Avoiding Jurisdiction
      • Internet Governance: ICANN
  • III. Cybercrime and Privacy
    • CyberCrime
      • Hacking
      • Recent Events on Cybercrime
    • Invasion of Privacy – SC Rule on Habeas Data
  • IV. Copyright Protection
    • Copyright Basics
      • Concept
      • Extent of Copyright
      • Term
      • Ownership
      • Infringement
    • Permitted Uses
      • Public Domain
      • Idea Expression Dichotomy
      • Fair Use
      • Government Works : SC Regulations
    • Remixing and Derivative Works: Multiple Layers of Copyright
      • Music Industry and IP Protection
      • Movie Industry and IP Protection
    • Internet and Copyright
    • WIPO Internet Treaties, DMCA & Anti-Circumvention
      • Introduction to Internet Treaties
      • WIPO Copyright Treaty Summary
      • WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty Summary
    • Digital Rights Management Systems
      • Wikipedia Digital Rights Management
      • Steve Jobs, Thoughts on Music
      • Richard Stallman, The Right to Read
      • What’s Wrong with Copy Protection
    • Particular Issues
      • Peer-to-Peer Networks
      • Google Libraries & Internet Archives
      • Grey Album
  • V. Dealing with Internet Driven Content
  • VI. Trademarks and Domain Names
    • Trademarks and Domain Names
      • Basic Trademark Law
      • Domain Names
      • Cybersquatting
      • Remedies
  • VII. Intellectual Property: What Kind?
    • IP and Trade
    • Efforts
      • SC Circulars on Creation of IP Courts
      • Creation of IP Office in Customs
      • Search and Seizure Rules of SC
  • VIII. Creative Commons
    • The Organization
    • The Licenses
    • International