DEVC 263

COURSE TITLE: Communication of Scientific and Technical Information
Retrieving, processing, and interpreting scientific and technical information for the utilization of scientists, educators, and other knowledge linkers.


This course aims to:

  • Equip learners with a critical and well-founded understanding of how to successfully communicate scientific and technical information;
  • Enable the learners to appreciate the roles and functions of science communicators in the generation and organization of scientific knowledge and making scientific and technical information better understood by the stakeholders of information through the use of information and communication technology (ICT);
  • Equip learners with knowledge and skills in scientific information storage and retrieval, and knowledge management;
  • Enable learners to analyze and critique different types of scientific literature;
  • Provide the learners with knowledge and skills on how to write or prepare and disseminate effective science and technology (S&T) materials in written and oral form;
  • Provide the learners with knowledge and skills on editing and conducting peer review of the S&T materials written or produced by your co-learners;
  • Equip learners with knowledge and skills in the use of media and technology tools;
  • Provide a venue for collaborative work.


  • Module 1. Science Communication
  • Module 2. Information and Communication Revolution
  • Module 3. The Generation and Organization of Scientific Knowledge
  • Module 4. Scientific and Technical Literature Searching
  • Module 5. Computer-Based Information Storage and Retrieval
  • Module 6. Knowledge Management
  • Module 7. The Levels of Scientific Literature
  • Module 8. Writing Different S&T Materials
  • Module 9. Editing S&T Materials
  • Module 10. Ethics of Science Communication