DEVC 208

COURSE TITLE: Communication, Social Marketing, and Social Mobilization
Application of communication, marketing, and other social science paradigms, strategies, concepts, principles, and practices in promoting and mobilizing people for developmental programs, ideas, and products.


At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss what social marketing is in terms of:
    • History, relationship with commercial marketing, and the Context of social marketing implementation
    • Different Models and the Processes of Implementing a social marketing program
  • Discuss what social mobilization is in terms of definition and types
  • Describe the interface of social marketing and social mobilization for development
  • Evaluate/critique social marketing/social mobilization programs
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate a social marketing program/social mobilization program


  • Unit 1. Social Marketing and Social Mobilization for Development
    • Module 1: Social Problems, Social Change, and Development
    • Module 2: Communication for Development
  • Unit II. Social Marketing
    • Module 3: History, Development in the Practice, and Concepts and Principles Adopted from Commercial Marketing
    • Module 4:
      • Different Models as Practiced by Development Organizations
      • The social marketing environment
      • Segmenting audiences, setting goals and objectives – Social Marketing for
        different Audiences
      • Developing social marketing strategies
        • Analysis of the barriers and benefits of the desired behavior
        • The P’s of social marketing to address major benefits and barriers
  • Unit III. Social Mobilization
    • Module 5. Definition and Role in the social marketing program
    • Module 6. Types and Steps/Process in Social Mobilization
  • Unit IV. Implementing the Social Marketing and Social Mobilization for Development Program
    • Module 7. Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Module 8. Some Tips for Success; Ethical Considerations; Lessons for Development Communicators