Shari Eunice T. San Pablo
Assistant Professor, Associate of Arts in Digital Design and Art

Online Learning
Science Communication
Development Communication
Social Media Studies
Visual arts
Video Production
Multimedia Studies and Practice
Interactive Media; and New Technologies
Information and Communications Technology for Development
Knowledge Management

University of the Philippines Los Baños

Ph.D. in Development Communication minor in
Family Resource Management (ongoing)

Units in Master of Science in Development
Communication (2019)

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (2018)

Units in Bachelor of Science in Forestry (2013 – 2015)

Research Projects

Fixing Information Disorder on Social Media: Philippine Context (ongoing)

Re(Constructing Aging): An Online Exhibit on the Filipinos Meaning of Aging (ongoing)

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness: the Analysis of the Entries on a Freedom Wall in a
Participatory Exhibit at the Sining Makiling Gallery in the University of the Philippines
Los Baños (2021) (unpublished)

Framing Science in the Pandemic: Philippine Online Media Coverage of Science and
Health Stories on COVID-19 (2020) (unpublished)

Inconvenient Silence: An Interactive Exhibit of Artistic Interpretations of Fourteen
Mental Illnesses (2019) (unpublished)

Incommunicado: Case Studies of Students with Mental Illnesses and their
Communication Within their Families (2019) (unpublished)

Family Ties: A Glimpse at Families in the Digital Age (2019) (unpublished)


Creative Works

Solo Exhibits:

Inconvenient Silence Solo Exhibit (2020) 

Group Exhibits:

Disruptive Connections x Connective Disruptions Group Exhibit (2020)

Walang Kukurap: Manggagawa Group Exhibit (2018)

Inconvenience Store Group Exhibit (2018)

Tanaw: An Art Exhibit (2018)


Space Ecologies Art and Design 

University of the Philippines Open University Alumni Association

Rotary Club of Metropolitan Candelaria

BANTA Artist Initiative

The Digital Collective