Roberto B. Figueroa Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Professor 

Immersive Technology
Educational Technology
ICT for Education and Development


Courses Handled

International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Technology (2022)

University of the Philippines Los Banos

Master of Science in Computer Science (2010)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2004)


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Courses Handled


  • MMS 141: Principles of Programming
  • MMS 198: Special Topics
  • MMS 200: Special Project


  •  CMSC 207: Web Programming and Development
  •  CMSC 208: Software Engineering


  •  IS 272: Strategic Information Systems Development
  •  IS 226: Web Information Systems 
  •  IS 295a: Information System Project Proposal
  •  IS 295b: Information System Project Implementation


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  • Association of Filipino Students (and Alumni) in Japan 
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