Joyce Mae A. Manalo, M.Sc.
Assistant Professor
Faculty Secretary, Faculty of Information and Communication Studies

Internet Technologies
Digital Cultures
Media Design
Web Development


University of the Philippines Los Baños

Master of Science in Information Technology (2012)

Bachelor of Science in Development Communication   (2008)

Research Projects


Authorship of Scholarly/Creative Work for Public Consumption


Published Work

Manalo, JMA. Evaluation of the MOOC “Introduction to Mobile Applications Development Using the Android Platform” in @RAL Platform Based on the Satisfaction and Perceived Learning of Participants (2015) Malaysian Journal of Distance Education. Volume 16, No. 1, 2014

Conference Proceedings and Paper Presentations

Manalo, JMA. Figeuroa RBJ. Maranan DSS. Crowdsourced Planning and Development of a MOOC Platform (2014) Presented in e-Learning Forum Asia 2014, Tainan, Taiwan

Manalo, JMA. Social Network Analysis of Research Relationships among Faculty Members of the UP Open University. (2014) Presented at Asian Association of Open Universities Conference 2014, Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong.