Emely M. Amoloza
Assistant Professor 4
Program Chair, Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies

Knowledge Management
Social Mobilization
Organizational Communication
Community Development

Research and Creative Work
Course Handled

University of the Philippines Los Baños
PhD Development Communication (2021)
MS Development Communication (2006)
PhD Development Communication (1990)

Research and Creative Work

Best Practice and Challenges in Implementing an Interorganizational Collaborative Project: The Case of ColLaboratoire 2020 (2020-2021 REPS Research Grant)

Listening to the Hearts of Today’s Heroes: Donors’ Motivations and Feedback Concerning UPOU Blood Donation Drive (2019-2020 REPS Research Grant)

Understanding the Role of Knowledge Sharing in a Palliative Care Unit: The Case of Madre de Amor Hospice Foundation, Incorporated (2018-2019 REPS Research Grant)

A Bag of Blood from A Thankful Heart: Stories and Narratives Behind the UPOU Blood Donation Drive (2017-2018 UPOU REPS Research Grant)The Use of a Web-Based Project Management Tool in Implementing an Educational Development Program (2017-2018 UPOU REPS Research Grant)

Promoting Community Development through Partnership: The Experience of a
Communication Academic Unit (2016-2017 UPOU REPS Research Grant)

Changing the Lives of the Filipino Teachers and Students: Participants’ Perceptions on the PLDT Infoteach Outreach Program (2016-2017 UPOU REPS Research Grant)

Implementing A CSR Project: A Documentation of the PLDT Infoteach Outreach Program. (ISER Excellent Paper Award – Best Presentation/Best Content)
(2015-2016 UPOU Research Grant)

The Use of Block-Based Programming Interface and its Effects on Retention Rates and Affective Aspects of Learning in an Introductory Programming Course
2015 UPOU Research Grant (Co-Researcher: Roberto B. Figueroa Jr.)


Journal Articles
Amoloza, EM. (2021, December). Communicative and Collaborative Constitution of Communities of Practice: The Case of ColLaboratoire 2020. Int. j. of Social Science and Economic Research, 6(11), 4246-4269. doi.org/10.46609/IJSSER.2021.vO6i11.002

De Torres, M., Amoloza, E., Custodio, P., Lozada, A. R., Pasuquin, M., & Tañongon, C. (2021). Status of Development Communication Research. The Journal of Development Communication, 32(2), 59-72. http://jdc.journals.unisel.edu.my/ojs/index.php/jdc/article/view/210

Tañongon, CE, Amoloza, EM & Lozada, ARO. 2020. Digital Coffeetelling: Brewing Storytelling Strategies to Deliver Coffee Lessons to Agriculture Students through eLearning System. Philippine Coffee Journal – Volume 1 (January-December 2020). ISSN:2719-0366.

Flor, AG, Amoloza EM & Flor Jr., ABG. 2019. Design, Development and Testing of an Indigenous Knowledge Management System Using Mobile Device Video Capture and Web 2.0 Protocols. IJODEL, Vol 5, No. 1 (June 2019).

Figueroa Jr., RB & Amoloza, EM. 2015. Addressing Programming Anxiety among Non- Computer Science Distance Learners: A UPOU Case Study. International Journal for Educational Media and Technology. IJEMT. Vol.9. No. 1. pp. 56-67 ISSN 1882-2290.

Palacpac, EP, Flor AG & Amoloza, EM. 2021. The Science of Delivery: Exploring Dynamics Between Technical and Local knowledge within Delivery Systems. Department of Agriculture – Philippine Carabao Center. ISBN 978-621-96494-0-7.

Amoloza, EM. 2014. The Use of ICT Among Administrative Staff in an Open University: The University of the Philippine Open University Experience (Proceedings Book, IETC 2014; ISBN: 2146-7366; http://ietc.net/publications/ietc2013.pdf)

Course Handled


Board of Trustees/Treasurer, Philippine Community eCenter Network, 2023 to 2025 Member
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi-International and Local Chapter, 2022 Member
Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society, 2022 Member
Philippine Association of Communication Educators 2020 to 2022 Member
Philippine Communication Society, 2020 to 2021 Member
International Communication Association, 2019 to 2020 Member
Asian Congress for Media and Communication, 2018 to 2019 Secretariat/Member, Philippine Community eCenter Network, since 2017
Member, Association of Development Communication Educators and Practitioners (2016 – 2018)