COURSE TITLE: Videography in Multimedia

UNITS: 3 units



This course will focus on the process and techniques of producing videos emphasizing on the visual language. Discuss the principles of videography to provide a framework to base capturing of images in your video works on.
This course focuses on knowing what images to capture it is important to “know how to see” and automatically use these principles of visual design as part of the process of capturing the moving images through your video footage. Our course outputs will concentrate on principles of design that will highlight the importance of taking up the aspects present in all vedeo works just like the frame, Shot, Sequence, Scene, Time, Pace, Rhythm, Mise-en-scène and Montage.

The course will navigate you through the process of generating your videos as part of multimedia productions. Capturing a process, an emotion, a concept and a story as multimedia productions under the different genres is needed in this course. the genres are: learning objects; informational materials; documentaries; animation; experimental and narrative.


General Objective:

At the end of this course we hope that you will have acquired a better understanding of videography, a major aspect of multimedia production to generate images.

Specific Objectives:

  • To train your eyes to see for videography
  • To know your equipment for videography
  • To acquaint you with the importance of lighting
  • To acquaint you with the language of moving images
  • To know how to enhance the video image
  • To acquaint you with the video production genres


  • What is videography?
  • Training your eyes to see for videography
  • Knowing your equipment for videography
  • Lighting
  • The Language of Moving Images
  • Enhancing the video image
  • Video Production Genres