COURSE TITLE: Graphics in Multimedia

UNITS: 3 units



Graphics in Multimediais about the design and production of computer generated graphics for multimedia products. It is not a tutorial on any specific image software. Neither is it designed to teach you how to draw or illustrate. It covers the basic concepts and principles you need to know to create effective graphics, correctly formatted for the specific multimedia output intended. It is a laboratory course and you are expected to produce “plates” as output.


MMS 174 is designed to introduce you to the basic terms, principles and tools in creating graphics for multimedia products. At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Define basic terms and concepts related to graphics and digital imaging;
  • Properly format and prepare graphics based on the intended multimedia application;
  • Demonstrate understanding of the different graphic file formats thru your plates;
  • Enumerate and explain the different elements and principles of design; and
  • Design and execute digital graphics for multimedia products.


  • Unit I: Understanding the Role of Graphics in Multimedia Materials
    • Module 1: The Power of Images in Visual Communication
    • Module 2: Examining Common, Everyday Multimedia Products
  • Unit II: Digital Imaging Basics
    • Module 3: Pixels and Bit Depth
    • Module 4: Raster vs. Vector
    • Module 5: Image Reproduction and Color Management
    • Module 6: Image File Formats
  • Unit III: Principles of Color and Design
    • Module 7: Elements of Design
    • Module 8: Principles of Design
    • Module 9: Color Basics
  • Unit IV: Right Tools for the Right Job
    • Module 10: Tools for Raster Images
    • Module 11: Tools for Vector Images
  • Unit V: How the Industry Does It
    • Module 12: Creating Graphics for TV
    • Module 13: Creating Graphics for Video Games
    • Module 14: Creating Graphics for Your Mobile Apps
    • Module 15: Creating Graphics for AVPs
    • Module 16: Creating Graphics for the Web
    • Module 17: Creating Graphics for Interactive CDs