Lourdes M. Portus, Ph.D.

Qualitative Research 

University of the Philippines
Doctor of Philosophy in Communication (2005)


Master of Arts in Communication (1999)

Master of Arts in Community Development (units only)

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences


Completed Research Awaiting Publication:

Delas Llagas, L., Pernia, E., Portus L. (2018)  Factors Affecting the Acceptability of AD PPF to Control Dengue, PCHRD and DOH. Phase I.

Lacson, Jose R., Jr., Portus Lourdes M., and Gayosa Aleth A. (2011) Experiencing A(H1n1):  Health Risk Communication in the Philippines.

 Santiago, A and Portus, L.  (2013), An Evaluation of DOH Mass Media and Communication Campaign For Tuberculosis

 Portus, Lourdes.   (2012) Women in Reproductive Health and HIV Aids

 Portus, L.  Communicating Science (2016).  The NSTW and Discourses on Science.

 Portus L. Revolutionizing Religion (2015).  The Case of Ciudad Mistica.

 Portus Lourdes.  (2014) M-Waste:  The Life and Times of a Mobile Phone.

 Portus Lourdes.  (2013) Qualitatively Researching the Powerless. 

Portus, Lourdes and Tuazon, Ramon.  (2012). Communication for Development (C4D) in the UN System

 Lacson, Jose, Pernia, Elena, Mateo, Florinda, Umali Violeda, and Portus, Lourdes.  (2011).  Communication Audit of Holcim.

 Pernia, Elena and Portus, Lourdes.  Estudyantipid  Study, Knowledge Channel (2012).

 Pernia, Elena, Lacson, Jose, Portus, Lourdes, and Solis, Randy.  Incentives and Disincentives for Greening UP. (2012).

 Ongoing Research:

 Portus, Lourdes.  Communicating Unions:  The Communication Strategies in Trade Union Organizing Experiences in Four Asian Countries in the Case of UNI-Apro.

 Delas Llagas, L., Pernia, E., Portus L. (2018)  Factors Affecting the Acceptability of AD PPF to Control Dengue, PCHRD and DOH. Phase II.

Studies/Research Work: 

1.  Evaluation of the National Science Academy and Department of Science and Technology Conferences, August 2010 and August 2011 and August 2012.

2.  Evaluation of Centerlaw’s seminar series on human trafficking and extra judicial killings, January 2010

3.  Health Risk Communication, funded by World Health Organization, August 2009

4.  Mobile-Enabled Learning Among Selected UP students, September 2008.

5.  TV Viewing Habits of AB Baguio Residents, October 2006

6.  Enabling Communities:  Experiences of Four Villages in Community Development.  July 2006

7.  An Evaluative Study of the Best Communication Tools Used by Partner Organizations in Five Countries, funded by Isis International. 2006.

8.  ICT Literacy of Households and Individuals in Metro Manila.  Conducted for CHED, March 2006

9.  Image and Perception Study of La Consolacion – Binan.  Conducted for La Consolacion College.  UP CMCFI.  February, 2005

10. Poverty, Health and Family Planning Profile of the Urban Poor in Metro Manila. Conducted for the Johns Hopkins University and the Department of Health.  May to July 2002.


11.  Advocacy and Behavior Communication Change for Reproductive Health.  Conducted for UNFPA, Hanoi, Vietnam.



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De Las Llagas, L.  and Portus, L. (2016). “Promoting Health Communication and Empowerment: Intervention Towards Malaria Mosquito Control.” The International Journal of Health, Wellness, and Society. Illinois, USA:  Common Ground Publishing.  [email protected] ISSN: 2156-8960 (Print), ISSN: 2156-9053 (Online).

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Philippine Social Science Council, Chair

Philippines Communication Society, President

National Research Council of the Philippines, Regular Member

Asian Media Information Center, Member

Philippine Association of Communication Educators (PACE), Member, former Secretary

CMC Foundation, Inc., Secretary of the Board of Trustees, former Secretary

CMC Alumni Association, Member former Secretary

Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society, Member


ASEAN Academic and Civil Society Network, Executive Director