Strengthening-Knowledge Based Economic and Social Development


UP Open University, IT Business Process Association of the Philippines, Asian Development Bank

October 2014-November 2016


The Philippine IT-BPO is one of the top performing economic sectors and employers in the country.  By 2016, the industry can grow to $25B in revenues and employ 1.3 million Filipinos.  However, threat is posed by countries with large populations like China and India.  The Industry needs to expand its potential pool of talent.

The BPAP has made efforts to increase the preparedness of prospective employees through a range of educational programs (BEST, ADEPT, and Service Management Program).  However, there is a need to train more teachers who can effectively teach Service Management to university students as well as university graduates and other Filipinos who may be interested to work in the industry.

Such educational program must be widely accessible. Hence it shall adopt e-learning as a mode of delivery. It will make use of specially designed multimedia materials that will impart relevant content and delivered in a manner that shall equip the target learners with the appropriate skills, as well as enhance the attractiveness of BPO-focused service management as a viable career.  The project is being funded by the Asian Development Bank through the technical assistance (TA) Strengthening-Knowledge Based Economic and Social Development.  Specifically, it will support strategic investments to make available e-learning modules through establishment of knowledge hubs. The knowledge hubs will provide facilities allowing higher education institutions (HEIs) and state universities and colleges (SUCs) to access e-learning products for teaching and learning IT-BPM industry designed courses.

The UPOU component of the project aims to:
1.  Review and enhance the IT-BPO industry-designed courses;
2.  Develop a system for accreditation of the program’s graduates;
3.  Develop online learning modules, multimedia materials, and study guides for the following courses in service 
management: Business Communication, Service Culture, Fundamentals of Business Process Outsourcing 1 and 2, and Systems Thinking.
4.  Train online tutors for the online delivery of the courses, and;
5.  Deliver the courses to teacher-learners and other students as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

To expand the project’s reach and impact, the courses to be developed will be delivered as MOOC or web-based courses that are open to all. Those who wish to be credited for the courses they completed will have to express their intent to be certified and be properly assessed by UPOU.


Below are the target outcomes of the project and the activities to be undertaken to achieve them.
1.     Digitized training materials and study modules in the knowledge hubs
2.     900 faculty members from participating HEIs of which at least 50% are women, completing online teacher training programs on IT-BPO designed courses .
3,000 students, of which at least 50% are females complete online learning modules and study guides on IT-BPO industry.