Teacher Professional Development Through eLearning (TDP)


UP Open University, Quezon Power (Philippines) Ltd, Mauban, Quezon Local Government Unit, DEPED Division of Quezon and UPOU Foundation, Inc.


May 2005-Present


“Education is a great equalizer” and it being an effective intervention to break the vicious cycle of poverty, the Quezon Power (Philippines) Limited Co. or QPL partnered with the Mauban, Quezon LGU, the Department of Education, Quezon (DEPED-Quezon), and the UP Open University (UPOU) to implement the Teacher Development Program (TDP) in 2005.  The program aimed at upgrading the knowledge and skills of school teachers at the elementary and secondary public schools in the province of Quezon.

The program consists of support for non-formal training programs/courses like teaching strategies, integration of computer and internet use to teaching and learning, and scholarship grant to the diploma and master’s programs for teachers offered by UPOU.  The main goal is improving the quality of education by improving the “quality” of the mentors.  The program started with public school teachers in Mauban, Quezon but eventually grew in scope and coverage in 2008 which resulted in the inclusion of other partners and other areas in Quezon.   These partners are as follows:

§  The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company
§  National Computer Center, DOST
§  First District of Quezon Congressman Mark Enverga
§  Intel Philippines

To date, the program has accomplished the following:

1.    Trained 132 teachers, 76 of whom had successfully completed a degree program at UPOU; some of which are still in the process of completing their respective degree programs;
2.    Expansion of the coverage of the program to include the whole of First District of Quezon;
3.    Inclusion of ICT teachers to the program
4.    Establishment of an eLearning Ville in Mauban, Quezon, a model which combined the concepts of a Community eCenter  and Learning Town
5.    Modification of the scholarship model to include Technology Grant (TDP4).  Sixteen scholars have benefited under this scheme and are now in the process of completing their respective degrees.

The technology grant will facilitate access to the Internet by the scholars, which is a must for their studies at UPOU, and the integration of ICT to the teaching of the scholars – the training for which will also be provided by the program.  The training will also include integration of technology to teaching,  selection of apps appropriate for the lessons, and how to teach technology so that students can apply/use them in the most appropriate and productive manner.  The trainings will make use of the Intel Teach modules.

Research Component:

Evaluation of the impact on teachers’ and students’ performances.