Free Online Course on Art in the ASEAN Region

Created: Monday, 19 October 2015
Course Description:

Art defines who we were yesterday and who we are today. Learning about art in the ASEAN region with rich and diverse culture is very important. Start your journey into ASEAN art and know more about Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam by enrolling in a MOOC course on Art. Through the course, students will: a). get to familiarize with the diverse forms of art that have developed over a period of thousands of years; b). develop skills in perception and comprehension in a culture-centered framework; and c). contribute to the thickening of discourse in art that we can find in the ten countries of ASEAN.

Course Professor: Dr. Grace Javier Alfonso, Professor of Film, UP; multimedia artist; painter, sculptor, film and television director, film critic
Duration and Schedule: 7 weeks (20 October-5 December 2015)
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