Sharing Technologies for Teaching and Research at FICS Kapihan

Created: Monday, 11 August 2014
Speaker Rhia Trogo from IBMUPOU was treated to good coffee and knowledge last August 5, 2014 at the CCDL Building, UPOU HQ. The regular Kapihan event, hosted by the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies, featured talks on different technologies that UPOU Faculty and Staff can use for teaching and research.

IBM representative Rhia Trogo gave a lecture on Analytics and Big Data, and how it can be used to enhance education. She talked about IBM products, services, and trainings which can help UPOU harness these technologies. Jay Subido, IBM-Philippines Head of R&D, was also present at the event.

with Asst. Prof. Figueroa
 Asst. Prof. Figueroa talked about Youtube Anywhere, a plugin which is currently being tested on MODeL's eSMP offering. It allows the students to record videos on Moodle, the preferred LMS, for sharing and assessment. The videos automatically get uploaded to YouTube, eliminating the need for separate storage servers. He also did a presentation and demo on video lectures using Google Hangouts.

Participants of the Kapihan were enouraged to bring their own mugs, reducing the use of disposable cups for the coffee and making the event more environment friendly. Bringing a mug entitled the participant to join the raffle.