MOOCathon Workshop Concluded

Created: Tuesday, 18 March 2014
The UPOU Faculty of Information and Communication Studies launched MOOCathon (An Unending Conversation on MOOCs) last February 26, 2014.

The launch activity was a design thinking workshop facilitated by Asst. Professor Diego Maranan, and it marked the beginning of FICS’s grand project on creating a homegrown version of MOOCs.

After opening remarks from UPOU Chancellor Grace Javier Alfonso and FICS Dean Melinda Bandalaria, Asst. Prof. Diego Maranan started the workshop with an icebreaker activity called the Temperature Game. This was soon followed by design thinking activities such as the Circles Game, Rapid Campfire, Brainstorming, Narrowing Down and Prototyping.

Four final prototypes were presented, which included an interactive video, a MOOC hat consisting of different theoretical elements desired in a MOOC, a reimagined MOOC Dashboard which includes advanced analytics, and a MOOC Cube symbolizing a MOOC that caters to six different learning styles.

The ideas generated from the workshop will be incorporated in building UPOU MOOC Platform.