DCS and MDC Programs implement Revised Curriculum

Created: Monday, 02 December 2013

Curricular revisions have been implemented on two programs under the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies namely, Diploma in Computer Science and Master of Development Communication. The University Council approved the revisions last December 5, 2012 during the 42nd University Council meeting, and the UP President signed approval last August 2013 for DCS and October 2013 for MDC. Implementation of the revised curricula started on the 2nd Semester of 2013-2014.


Course codes were changed from using letters to numbers (eg. CMSC A to CMSC 201). With the said revision, other programs can now use DCS courses in their curriculum. For example, Master of Information Systems can use DCS courses as electives.

CMSC H (Object Oriented Analysis and Design) was also delisted, with contents incorporated into CMSC 202 (Principles of Programming). To fill in the gap created by delisting CMSC H and to fulfill the need for a course that addresses web-based technologies, CMSC 207 (Developing applications using web-based technologies) was instituted.



Originally designed to be a professional course during its first offering, Master of Development Communication program is now a thesis program, aiming to cater to a wider variety of students and to reflect the University’s research thrust. The revised curriculum delists Special Problem (DEVC 290) and instituted the Master’s Thesis (DEVC 300) in its place.

DEVC 206 changed its course title from “Design and Production of Print and Radio Development Communication Materials” to “Print and Broadcast Production”.  DEVC 207 changed course titles as well, from “Design and Production of Audio Visual Development Communication Materials” to “Multimedia Production”.  The Faculty believes these changes are more reflective of current trends in the field.  

DEVC 202 also received a revised course description. From “Development communication concepts and approaches; communication theories, principles and methods as applied in development programs”, the new course description reads as “A survey course on development communication traditions, theories, principles, and approaches”. DEVC 202 is a survey course and the new description reflects its nature. It also now shows how the course also covers communication traditions.

From an elective, DEVC 242 (Communication and Media in the ASEAN Context) has been elevated to a major course. According to the approved revision, this is to provide students with regional and international perspectives where development communication concepts and approaches can be practiced.

A new core course, DEVC 203 (Cultural and Critical Theories and Frameworks in Media and Communication), was also instituted. The Faculty believes that this course will help the program adapt to dominant trends and paradigm shifts in the field of Communication.


The revised curricula can be viewed here for MDC and here for DCS.  For inquiries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the Faculty Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.